Towards the Semantic Web

Ontology-driven Knowledge Management

Edited by John Davies, Dieter Fensel & Frank van Harmelen

Published by Wiley 2002 | Download the Flyer | Buy it | On-To-Knowledge Homepage

Generating huge interest and backed by the global WorldWideWeb consortium (W3C), the semantic web is the key initiative driving the future of the World Wide Web. 'Towards the Semantic Web' focuses on the application of semantic web technology, and ontologies in particular, to electronically available information to improve the quality of knowledge management in large and distributed organizations. Ontologies are formal structures supporting knowledge sharing and reuse. They can be used to represent explicitly the semantics of structured and semi-structured information and so enable sophisticated automatic support for acquiring, maintaining and accessing information.

Covering the key technologies for the next generation of the WWW, this book is an excellent mixture of theory, tools and applications in an important area of WWW research.

Aimed primarily at researchers and developers in the area of WWW-based knowledge management and information retrieval. It will also be a useful reference for students in computer science at the postgraduate level, academic and industrial researchers in the field, business managers who are aiming to enhance the organization?s information infrastructure and industrial personnel who are tracking WWW technology developments in order to understand the business implications.