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Content-driven Knowledge Management trough Evolving Ontologies

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On-To-Knowledge Book will be published in December 2002 !!

Towards the Semantic Web

Ontology-driven Knowledge Management

Edited by John Davies, Dieter Fensel & Frank van Harmelen

Published by Wiley 2002

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On-To-Knowledge: Content-driven Knowledge-Management through Evolving Ontologies
On-To-Knowledge is a project in the Information Society Technologies (IST) Program for Research, Technology Development & Demonstration under the 5th Framework Program.
The project runs from 1999 to 2002.
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What On-To-Knowledge is about

Efficient knowledge management has been identified as key to maintaining the competiveness of organisations. Ontologies have been developed in the knowledge engineering discipline as a means to share and reuse knowledge. The On-To-Knowledge project will develop methods and tools and employ the full power of the ontological approach to facilitate knowledge management. The On-To-Knowledge tools will help knowledge workers who are not IT specialists to access company-wide information repositories in an effcient, natural and intuitive way.

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OIL as a result of the On-To-Knowledge-Project

One of the results of the project is the Ontology Inference Layer OIL.
Mission statement:
Ontologies provide a shared and common understanding of a domain that can be communicated across people and application systems. Therefore, they will play a major role in supporting information exchange processes in various areas. However, a prerequisite for such a role is the development of a joint standard for specifying and exchanging ontologies. The Ontology Inference Layer OIL is a proposal for such a standard.

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