Presentations from project meetings

This page provides papers on OTK, presentations of the project meetings and white papers by the project partners.

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Presentations given at the 1st Dissemination Workshop, June 13, 2001
Arjohn Kampman, and Jeen Broekstra, AIdministrator: Sesame Querying the Semantic Web
Robert Engels, CognIT a.s: Artificial Intelligent Based Products and Intelligent Information Analysis Tools
Frank van Harmelen, VU: On-To-Knowledge: building blocks for the Semantic Web

Presentations given at the 5th Meeting in Zürich, April 19, 2001
York Sure, AIFB, and Rudi Studer, AIFB: Methodology Employed and Evaluated Version

Presentations given at the 4th Meeting in Karlsruhe, January 18-19, 2001
Michel Klein, VU, and Ying Ding, VU: Ontology Management
Bernd Novotny, Swiss Life: Case Study "Skills Management"
Robert Engels, CognIT a.s: Artificial Intelligence Based Products and Intelligent (semantic) Information Analysis Tools
Thorsten Lau, Swiss Life: Case Study "IAS search" of OnToKnowledge

Presentations given at the KM Europe 2000 in Brussels, November 20-22, 2000
York Sure, AIFB, and Robert Engels, CognIT: Ontoknowledge Project

About the On-To-Knowledge Project

On-To-Knowledge Project Presentation
OTK-Slides: A presentation on Ontoknowledge given by Hans Akkermans at the EnerSearch Shareholder Board Meeting in Malmö, Sweden, May 10, 2000

On-To-Knowledge Conference Paper
D. Fensel, F. van Harmelen, H. Akkermans, M. Klein, J. Broekstra, C. Fluyt, J. van der Meer, H.-P. Schnurr, R. Studer, J. Davies, J. Hughes, U. Krohn, R. Engels, B. Bremdahl, F. Ygge, U. Reimer, and I. Horrocks: OnToKnowledge: Ontology-based Tools for Knowledge Management.
To appear in: In Proceedings of the eBusiness and eWork 2000 (EMMSEC 2000) Conference, Madrid, Spain, October 2000.

On-To-Knowledge, the European EU-IST project No. 10132, builds an ontology-based tool environment to speed up knowledge management, dealing with the large numbers of heterogeneous, distributed, and semi-structured documents typically found in large company intranets and the World-Wide Web. Results aimed for by the project are: (1) a toolset for semantic information processing and user access; (2) OIL, an ontology-based inference layer on top of the World-Wide Web; (3) an associated methodology; (4) validation by industrial case studies. This paper gives an overview of the On-To-Knowledge approach to knowledge management.

Presentations given at the first project review in France, October 6, 2000
Dieter Fensel, VU: Ontoknowledge: Intelligent Information Brokering in Intranets (Del 33)
Ulrich Reimer, SwissLife: Industrial Case Studies of Ontoknowledge (Del 19)
Frank van Harmelen, VU: OIL: Ontology Inference and Interchange (Del 1)
Hans-Peter Schnurr & York Sure, AIFB: Knowledge Management Methodology (Del 15)
Hans Akkermans, VU: Ontoknowledge: Dissemination and Use (Del 30, Del 34)

Presentations given at the 3rd Meeting in Oslo, July 20-21, 2000

Presentations given at the 2nd Meeting in Ipswich, April 26-28, 2000
SwissLife: Case Studies
SwissLife: Organizational Memory

Presentations given at the 1st Meeting in Amsterdam, January 26-28, 2000
D. Fensel: WP-1: Developing tools for Ontology Construction and Interchange, January 2000
AIdministrator: Partner presentation
M. Klein: Partner presentation VU
D. Fensel: WP-9: Information dissimination, take-up of results, and Exploitation: Project Presentation, January 2000
R. Faulstich: WP-9.1: Web Site
AIFB: AIFB Introduction
BT: BT Introduction
SwissLife: SwissLife Introduction

White Papers by the Project Patners

OTK-flyer.pdf is a two-page whitepaper containing a global description of our technology
IEAAIE99.pdf is a paper about the logical aspects of AIdministrator's WebMaster system
firststeps.pdf is a short tutorial on the WebMaster system

AIFB, University of Karlsruhe
KM Methodology
BT plc
CognIT a.s.
CORPORUM Technology and Applications (948 Kb) is a twenty-seven page whitepaper containing a more detailed description of our technology.
CORPORUM Summarizer - White Paper is a nine page whitepaper on CognITs Summarizer tool.
Swiss Life
Vrije Universiteit (VU), Amsterdam