On-To-Knowledge Project Presentation
OTK-Slides: A presentation on Ontoknowledge given by Hans Akkermans at the EnerSearch Shareholder Board Meeting in Malmö, Sweden, May 10, 2000

What is On-To-Knowledge?; OTK Partners; What is Knowledge Management?; Exploiting World-Wide Information Resources; OTK Results; What is an Ontology?; OTK Tool Environment and its Use; Project Roles of OTK Partners; EnerSearch Case Study: Virtual Enterprise; EnerSearch Case Study: Involvement of Shareholders.

Presentations given at the first project review in France, October 6, 2000
Dieter Fensel, VU: Ontoknowledge: Intelligent Information Brokering in Intranets (Del 33)

The Ontology Triangle; Intranet & Internet = Information Search & Knowledge Management; Ontoknowledge: The whole Picture; Ontoknowledge: Milestone I; Ontoknowledge: Risk Analysis; The vision of a semantic web or knowledge web.

Ulrich Reimer, SwissLife: Industrial Case Studies of Ontoknowledge (Del 19)

Case Studies of OnToKnowledge; Swiss Life; Swiss Life IT R&D; Knowledge Management in Swiss Life; Description of Workpackage 6; Two Case Studies; Outlook.

Frank van Harmelen, VU: OIL: Ontology Inference and Interchange (Del 1)

OIL as a common core language; aspects of OIL; OIL on the Web; Why XML is not enough; Why RDF(S) is not enough; OIL as RDF(S) extension; WP1 results & plans.

Hans-Peter Schnurr & York Sure, AIFB: Knowledge Management Methodology (Del 15)

WP-5 Methodology and Management Guidelines: covered issues; WP-5 Workpackage project plan; The Knowledge Management challenge; Processes in a KM project; Overall picture; Feasibility study; User driven use cases; Supporting use cases; Focus: ontology development.

Hans Akkermans, VU: Ontoknowledge: Dissemination and Use (Del 30, Del 34)

Dissemination and Use; What Do We Disseminate?; Vision: Exploiting the World-Wide Information Resources; The Contribution by On-To-Knowledge; Implementing the Vision: OTK Toolset and its Use; OTK Consortium-wide Dissemination Actions; On-To-Knowledge: Company-specific Dissemination Actions.